Friends of Ebonie, LLC

Friends of Ebonie, LLC is a consulting boutique specializing in next generation black donor engagement. With an audience of more than 4,000 young, black professionals ages 20 – 40, we help bridge the gap between our audience and non-profits, foundations and corporations seeking to increase diversity engagement. We create, unique opportunities for our clients, stakeholders and young, black professionals to learn about one another and how to work together to solve issues affecting black and brown communities.

Why focus on young, black donors?

Diversity isn’t just a buzzword, it’s the real world. However, diversity deserts within a range of industries demonstrate the dire need for a focus on leaders of color. We know that black millennials and GenX-ers across the country are deeply involved in community work. But how many non-profit, foundations and corporations know this? We also know that the vast majority of resources and programs are not aimed at cultivating black civic leadership. But who is doing anything about it? We are. We want to ensure that as we move forward to change our nation, our most prized changemakers are not left out of the conversation.

What do we do?

We convene the nation’s most impactful young, black professionals.
We equip our audience with tools and resources for effective leadership. Our groundbreaking summit Changing The Face of Philanthropy Summit has changed the way young black professionals learn about civic leadership and engagement. Our interactive webinars and in-person programs provide an opportunity for our audience to get up close and personal with experts on topics related to philanthropy all the way to professional branding. Learn more about the Our Programming & the Young, Black & Giving Back Institute.

We consult with and train.
We recognize the communication gap that exists between young, black donors andnon-profits, foundations and corporations. Through proven marketing communications and engagement strategies, we lead organizations to young black donors and civic leaders the right way. Learn more about Friends of Ebonie Consulting

We keep things relevant with research.
While conducting graduate research at New York University focused on black millennials and giving, Ebonie realized the information void that exists about this demographic within philanthropy. As a result, Friends of Ebonie published the 2013 research becoming the first scientific report on black millennials and giving. We will continue to provide the philanthropy sector with giving trends and behaviors representative of young, black philanthropy.

We coach.
What’s a philanthropy path without someone to help you navigate through it? With the guidance of our Chief Millennial Officer, young professional clients will work to carve out a giving plan that fits their lives and needs.