Our monthly 30-minute webinars offer best practices on topics related to millennial diversity in philanthropy. Adapted from Ebonie Johnson Cooper’s hugely successful black millennial engagement trainings, these sessions will help you better understand why diversity in philanthropy is important and how to engage with millennials of color.

All session are on a Tuesday at 12:30pmEST and facilitated by Ebonie, unless otherwise noted.

January 15: Dear Philanthropy: A Necessary Conversation on Millennial Diversity within the Sector*- FREE!  *In partnership with Association of Black Foundation Executives (ABFE).


Millennials are the most ethnically diverse generation of all time. Pew Research Center reports 43% of millennials are non-white. However, mainstream reporting and illustration on millennial philanthropy neglects to reflect the ethnic diversity that exist among the generation. Research exists that proves millennials from communities of color do in fact give. So why aren’t we hearing about them more? Join us, along with Friends of Ebonie, the leading voice in black millennial philanthropic engagement, to discuss the issue of millennial diversity in philanthropy and what the sector can begin to do to change the narrative. REGISTER NOW!

The 3 E’s of Black Millennial Engagement: ENGAGE – $15 per registrant 
Yes, there is such a thing as “black twitter.” Learn how twitter and other forms of social media help you reach more African American and black donors?

February 10: The 3 E’s of Black Millennial Engagement: ENRICH – $15 per registrant 
Meet your donors where they are- especially young, black professionals. Learn how to increase your engagement with diverse donors. Registration opening soon! 

March 10: The 3 E’s of Black Millennial Engagement: EMPOWER – $15 per registrant 
When black millennials feel empowered, they soar. Learn how you can empower them in leadership positions as stakeholders of your organization. Registration opening soon! 

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