Hashtags & More: Defining Social Justice for Black Millennials 
Black millennials represent the passion and energy that drives today’s social justice movement on and offline. Many of these millennials were influenced by social media to get involved and act. 52% of the 2015 Friends of Ebonie survey respondents said that social media is their primary news source. Additionally, 40% of respondents listed twitter as their preferred social media platform. What does this online activity mean for the movement? How can we continue to be effective offline? And what role does media, our media play in today’s social justice movement? On this webinar, we will meet three black millennial leaders whose stories, community organizing and media platforms are helping to shape progress of social justice. Guests: Martese Johnson, University of Virginia Senior & Survivor of Police Brutality, Chantel L. Jones, Dallas Faces Race Program Officer, Jonathan Jackson, Founding member of Blavity | Watch it Now! 

The Arts & Young Black Philanthropy
From Gordon Parks to Basquiat, the arts has had an indelible influence on the young black culture. How are we as a generation and as a community helping to preserve these art forms? Joined by pillars in the arts community, nationwide, we will explore the state of artistic disciplines and how we can contribute to their preservation. Guest experts: The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Candice Cook, Esq | Watch it now!

Philanthropy & Higher Education
This session will focus on the advantages of philanthropy as an educational resource. It will showcase the work of participating programs, highlight any upcoming application deadlines, diversity engagement and overall share a different perspective on philanthropy education. Guest experts:: Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy | Watch it now! 

Turn Up for Your HBCU: Four Ways to Support Your School As An Alumni
You made it, you graduated! You’re a certified alumnus of your beloved HBCU. Now you can officially turn up at Homecoming and sing your school’s alma mater. But how are you financially supporting your beloved school? This webinar will feature best practices, action items and creative ways to support your school! Guest experts: Dr. Crystal deGregory & Dr. Ivory Toldson | Watch it now!| 

Social Entrepreneurship 101
The social mission of your business should be ingrained in its DNA. That’s just one of many lessons you’ll learn on this 75 minute webinar. We take you from how to identify the cause to fit your business to investors to how to scale up to keep it profitable and impactful. Start making a difference through your business or non profit today! Guest experts: Elkhair Balla & Felecia Hatcher. Watch it now!| Download the Presentation Slides

Plan Right. Give Better.
This 60 minute webinar is your first step to a better way to giving. It is a crash course on how to budget, what to budget and why to budget. After you learn that, you will be guided through steps to becoming a sustainable donor. There is a formula to giving, start here to learn how! Guest experts: Ryan C. Mack & Samaia MuhammadWatch it now!| Download the Presentation Slides

Politics & Policy: Your Gateway to Effective Philanthropy
Listen to this 60 minute webinar to learn why it’s important to know the facts surrounding your cause and how to rally local officials around your cause- for support and funding! Guest experts: L. Joy Williams & Christal M. JacksonWatch it now!| Download the Presentation Slides

Work-Life Balance: Juggling What Life Throws at You
You will only be as successful as where you place yourself on your priority list. Listen to this 60-minute webinar to learn how to prioritize, balance and be even more effective in your day-to-day living. Guest expert: Teen & Young Women’s Life Coach, Sharon P. Carter of Girls for GreatnessWatch it now!| Download the Presentation Slides

Making the Career Transition: From the Job You Hate to the Career You Love
This 60 minute interactive session sheds light on the struggle many early- mid career professionals endure. If you’re stuck in a rut at your job, daydreaming about what truly makes you happy or trying to figure out how to make your job work better for you- this webinar is for you. This session will help you move from just working a job to developing a plan to really love your career. Watch it now! | Download the Presentation Slides

How To Plan The Most Perfect Fundraiser
This 75 minute webinar will teach individuals and non-profits how to plan a successful fundraiser. With how-to’s from the public sector’s leading millennial experts, we will make you a fundraising guru for sure. Fundraising Event Production presented by: Faisal Al-Juburi of Al-Juburi Events. Public Relations for Fundraisers presented by: Kassidy Johnson, leading political fundraiser and public relations practitioner. Watch it now! | Download the Presentation Slides

Strengthening Your Image: Personal Branding & Branding for Non-Profits
This 90 minute interactive webinar will help young professionals, small and new businesses and non-profit organizations develop branding strategies that best reflect their goals and missions. With our expert guests, Tiffini Gatlin and Amy Anaiz Genao, we talk everything from brand image to social media to simple tactics for getting your brand right!
Watch it now! | Download the Presentation Slides

Why Giving Circles? Why Now?
This is a 60min interview with Black Benefactors founder, Tracey Webb. Tracey shares the benefits of giving circles and why they are vital to the growth of individual giving efforts as well as beneficial to non-profit development efforts.
Watch it now! | Download the Presentation Slides