What I Fear … Words from a Black Man

Wow. Please read. It will touch you.

Black Millennials

By LeRon Barton

Someone recently asked me, “With all of the recent shootings of unarmed Black men, are you afraid?” I said, “No.” The person had a confused look on their face and asked “Why?” I then explained to him that I don’t fear death. I am not afraid of the inevitability of dying. Where I come from, death is second nature. I have seen many people die or go to prison, so I know that life is day by day and that it can be squashed any minute. I am 36 years old and statistically, as a Black man, the media said that I was likely to be dead at 25. Hell, growing up in the 90’s in Southside Kansas City, shit was so outrageous and crazy you didn’t know if you would survive and make it to 21. So I am good.

But I do fear for my nephews…

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