YBGB Digital Launch Party ReCap PLUS Our First Institute Class is Next Week!

by E. Johnson Cooper

Last Wednesday was truly awesome! If you missed the digital launch you truly missed a good thing. Viewers learned all about the Institute, why I started it, how it works, and all that jazz. We also laughed, cracked jokes, ate bon bons and toasted with bubbly. See you missed a good par-tay! Lucky for you, we’ve got it all on tape. See below. 🙂

Since April I’ve been working behind the scenes to craft the what I hope will be the perfect learning space for my millennial and not-so millennial peers. The idea of creating an online learning portal for young, black philanthropy education is well, different. I know. But no matter how different and innovative it is, it will only be as successful as the folks who enroll. That being said, I’m excited to host the very FIRST elective class next week! The class is entitled: 4 Ways to Maximize Your Time, Talents & Treasures. It will teach you exactly what it says it will, plus get the scoop on the Institute and how you can enroll!

Things are moving quickly so don’t miss out. Please be part of this amazing experience with us!


Copy of Fall 2014_Register



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