Everyday Goodness in NYC

By Ebonie Johnson Cooper

Kevin with his son and friend doing good work in NYC.


New York City is the land of “anything goes.” From clothes, to food, to well just about anything. People have a misconception about New York and it’s people. They say we’re mean, we’re cold, etc etc. Truth is New Yorkers are some of the kindest, most helpful and giving people. Just smile at us and chances are once every five smiles, we’ll smile back. 🙂

New York is also known for its exorbitant homeless population. For one reason or another it’s bad- real bad. You’ll see the homeless panhandling on the subway, asking for change on the streets, or making their beds in the doorway of a closed store. It’s a problem I’m sure every mayor has attempted to tackle but sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands. I witnessed the everyday goodness of one New Yorker that touched me unlike anything is seen in a long time.

Meet Kevin Anderson. I’ve seen Kevin before on the train but this time I decided to stop him and ask why he does what he does. We had 60 seconds between stops to chat, and this is what he told me…

“Is there anyone on this train who is hungry? Not every becomes homeless but everyone becomes hungry.” – Kevin Anderson

Friends of Ebonie: What is the name of your cause?

Kevin: Food for the Homeless and Hungry

Friends: Why do you do this?
Kevin: At one point I was homeless myself.

Friends: How many people do you feed a day?
Kevin: 300 – 500

Friends: How do you fund this?
Kevin: Donations

Friends: Where do you make the sandwiches and snacks?
Kevin: At home.

Friends: How often do you do this?
Kevin: Every day

Friends: Where?
Kevin: All trains. Midtown. Harlem. Mainly we do the trains for donations.

Friends: Can I get a picture of you and your son and his friend?
Kevin: Sure. I’m getting off at this stop though.
Friends: Oh! Well I’m getting off too!

Thanks to Kevin for taking a moment to share with me his good deed. May his kindness come back full circle.

To support Kevin, contact him at/

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