[GUEST POST] Giving is Good. Go IMPACT Your World.

by IMPACT, Guest Organization


In 2006, IMPACT was started by five young professionals who were meeting at a restaurant. Eight years later, the non-profit has a network of more than 30,000 professionals under the age of 40. IMPACT has developed solid community service projects, forums, internships and fellowships, and networking events on economic, civic, and legislative issues.

We answered the call.

IMPACT is founded on three core principles: economic empowerment, civic engagement, and political involvement. Our goal is simple: To help young professional of color, ages 18 to 40, become great stewards within their communities and worldwide. With this foundation, we have helped thousands of young adults network, establish opportunities, and even secure internships and jobs. With a majority volunteer staff, and monthly events, we work to help young people find their passion and answer their calling.

IMPACT volunteers at the MLK Memorial site.
IMPACT volunteers at the MLK Memorial site.

The payoff.

IMPACT lifts others as we climb. It’s important for young professionals of color to not only be well-rounded individuals, but to also attain occupational success and give back to their communities. IMPACT uses this three-prong (economic empowerment, civic engagement, political involvement) approach to encourage young professionals to be the change.

The spirit of giving.

We support our 2013 IMPACT Leader Ebonie Johnson Cooper as a mover and shaker within the Black young philanthropic circle. We are elated to be a part of this movement and partner with the “Changing the Face of Philanthropy Summit.” As a leader in philanthropy, we support Friends of Ebonie, LLC’s push to encourage more African-Americans into the spirit of giving back. The movement is contagious. We are excited to mobilize the young professional community into an area that needs more attention.


For more information about IMPACT, please visit www.impact-dc.com

Join the conversation on social media: #CFP14 #IMPACTGives

Twitter: @teamIMPACT | Instagram: IMPACTYourWorld

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