STEM Leader, Dr. Reagan Flowers is Honored as a White House Champion of Change!

by Friends of Ebonie


The community of black philanthropy is full of dynamic and outstanding people. As the need grows for us to solve the problems within our own communities, the more innovative we become. This past summer we had to pleasure of attending the Head & Heart Philanthropy Summit for the second time. Like the summer before, we were privileged to meet some very awesome people, including, Dr. Reagan Flowers – one of the newest White House Champions of Change honorees!

Dr. Flowers is the founder of C-STEM Teacher & Student Support Services, Inc. The mission of C-Stem is to inspire the next generation of innovators and thought leaders by engaging them in exciting hands-on projects solving real world problems to encourage entry into the talent pipeline, bolster self-confidence, and foster a well-rounded mastery of the areas of communication, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In other words, Reagan and her team are kicking STEM butt and preparing our kids for awesome futures!

Every week The White House honors ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things. This month in recognition of Black History Month, The White House is honoring The STEM Access Champions for their notable work creating opportunities for young people typically underrepresented in STEM industries. “I am honored and humbled to receive such a prestigious award for the work we have done with STEM locally and throughout the country,” said Dr. Flowers.  “This honor is beyond anything I could have imagined especially since we started doing our initial work with CSTEM in the janitor space at a middle school.  CSTEM is a program that has grown from 20 students to nearly 100,000 students.  I am so humbled to be recognized at such a prestigious level for my work.”

Dr. Reagan Flowers began her education career as a high school science teacher and has since remained dedicated to her calling as a leader in academia. Her journey growing up caused her to take up the mission of closing the academic achievement gap through the founding of C-STEM Teacher and Student Support Services, Inc.  In 2002, Dr. Flowers created the nation’s first integrated STEM enrichment program for Pre K through 12th grade.  Since then she has been implementing integrated STEM best practices into classrooms internationally.  Dr. Flowers founded C-STEM using her personal resources and has led the organization in unprecedented expansion of services and revenue growth.  The organization has impacted more than 100,000 students, and its revenue over the years has grown from $5K to more than $3 Million. C-STEM supports schools in Texas, Maryland, Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi.

Well how about that!? Reagan, we adore you and are very, very proud of you! Congrats! See you in the Vineyard in August! 🙂

UPDATE: Also part of Dr. Flowers’ cohort is Felecia Hatcher who was a guest on our Social Entrepreneurship 101 webinar and one of our new favorite friends, Eunique Jones Gibson, founder and artist behind the Because of Them We Can campaign! Outstanding!!!

Read more about Dr. Reagan Flowers.

Read more about The White House Champions of Change- STEM Access Champions.

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