Run, Don’t Walk to See The Best Man Holiday!!!

by Ebonie JC


Movie sequels can be so hit or miss. Most of the time they miss because they fail to live up to the excitement and expectation of the first movie. But listen here (black) America, you need to run, not walk, to see The Best Man Holiday!

It’s hard to believe that The Best Man came out 14 years ago! Fourteen years ago I was 16. The way I connected to the first movie was probably much different than I do today. Besides the fact I’ve watched the first Best Man probably 100 plus times, it never gets old. I can’t say that I ‘wondered’ what happened to Harper, Robin, Lance, Jordan, Merch, Q, Mia, Shelby, or Candy over the years, but it was truly a pleasant surprise to see them all come back to life this week.

Thanks again to our friends at Allied Integrated Marketing, new and old friends of Friends of Ebonie got to preview The Best Man Holiday, aka The Best Man II, at a screening here in DC. Let me tell you,GO SEE IT!!! This sequel has all of the humor, sass, relateability, intrigue and yes, secrets as the first one had all those years ago. It is nothing short of sheer genius how writer & director, Malcolm D. Lee marvelously revived the storylines of characters we grew to love in 1999. We laughed til it hurt, we cried so hard tissues were being passed down movie aisles and we all smiled when it was all over, understanding the very distinct tie that binds us all together through friendship.

So listen, go, go, go get your tickets now to a showing near you tonight and or this weekend. It is worth every penny you will spend! You will NOT be disappointed, believe you me. Follow the conversation on twitter with #bestmanholiday and follow the movie at @thebestmanmovie, and like it on Facebook.

Thanks again to Allied Integrated Marketing. We appreciate you guys!

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