Is There A Vote In the House Tonight?

Vote for this lady!
Vote for this lady!

Ok, I know I said last week that I don’t write from this perspective much – and I don’t. It’s just these two weeks have been nothing short of awesome!

Following the great news of my JET 40 Under 40 Listing, I found out I am in the running for IMPACT’s Leader of the Year! Annually IMPACT highlights Leaders of the Month and those leaders ‘compete’ for Leader of the Year. During IMPACT’s Congressional Black Caucus Red Carpet Affair, it reveals who its Leader of the Year is! I was April’s Leader of the Year so I have a chance at the overall award.

How do I win? With your vote! Yep, that’s all. The more votes I receive the closer I am to winning.

Vote HERE. (I’m about mid way down on the page. Purple dress. Yep, that’s me!)

Why vote for me? 

This year has been exciting as much as it was challenging as I sought to take Friends of Ebonie to the next level.  With the help of my very committed team (then and now) we executed panel discussions, webinars, a ground breaking summit, workshops, featured outstanding young black philanthropists and black millennial led nonprofits, and even did quite a bit of community partnering! Not to mention, outside of Friends of Ebonie, I managed to squeeze in leadership roles on boards, hosted fundraisers, volunteered, finished graduate school with remarkable research, spoke at events, and I made it to 30! Woop!

In no small way did I do good AND do well this year. I don’t take being a leader lightly. I believe that if you are going to take on the responsibility to lead, you do it with poise, authority, grace and compassion- and try to be all of these even when things get rough. There have been times I wanted to quit and times I fussed more than I smiled but through it all I found balance and learned to trust and rely on those around me. So, yeah Leader of the Year would be awesome. And even if this title isn’t for me, I know that for me, I was – and will continue to be- a leader among leaders.

But yeah, you can VOTE HERE! 🙂

Thank you!!!!!

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