JET Magazine Debuts Its 40 Under 40- and I’m On It!

JET Magazine Debuts Its 40 Under 40- and I'm On It!

Rarely do I write posts on here from a first person perspective but today is an exception. Why? Because, I’ve been listed as a JET Magazine 40 Under 40! #LookMamaIMadeIt

There are certain items, brands and periods in life that define your childhood, culture and well, yes, blackness. JET Magazine is one of those for me. I remember seeing random JETs laying around the house and even stashing issues with my favorite celebrity of the moment on the cover. From comparing the Top JET R&B song lists to the songs I liked to seeing the JET Beauty of the Week and pretending to be her- most weeks anyway- JET was my go to mini mag.

In addition to being all things black pop culture, JET Magazine would also keep you up to date with ‘this week in black America.’ Whether it was an unfortunate shooting in Oakland or a successful family in Atlanta or finding the wedding photo of your “cousin” tenth removed, it had us covered. In so many words, JET magazine helped to define black life for me as a little black girl. So now as an adult to find my name (spelled and not hyphenated correctly) printed in such a staple in black publication is without question, indescribable. Perhaps maybe this is what it’s like to simply have Oprah say your name in public? #stockjustwenttoamillion

I’m listed with so many other great black folks, I’m in awe I even made the list. Even though I proudly say, I know a few of them, it’s still quite surreal. Me? A National 40 Under 40?!!? Wow.

I am thankful for the vision God placed in my heart to even begin Friends of Ebonie. Started simply as a blog, I never imagined it would grow as it has to educate, inform and be such a resource for giving to young, black professionals – on and off line.

I know this is a HUGE kudos but the work of Friends of Ebonie has really just begun. We’re not stopping now! I am blessed and even more blessed to be a blessing to share and help to strengthen the community work of my peers – my friends – far and near.

Thank you to every one who has supported my work, been on this team, served as a volunteer, paid a dime for a program or simply said: Eb, I believe in you. I didn’t get this JET Magazine nod alone, I got it because of all of you. So as I celebrate this great moment in Friends of Ebonie history – and now JET Magazine black history- I hit my Dougie and Wobble just for you too!

Make sure you pick up your copy of JET this week with Venus on the cover! You know they will have October on shelves soon! 😉

See the entire list of 40 Under 40 recipients

5 thoughts on “JET Magazine Debuts Its 40 Under 40- and I’m On It!

  1. Congratulations Ebonie and continue to be a blessing to others and your community. You are advancing the dream! God bless you.

    Zeldia Woodard

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