An Ode to World Humanitarian Day w/ Beyonce & Kid President!

by, E. Johnson Cooper

If there’s one entertainer I love more than warm chocolate cake and ice cream, it’s Beyonce Gizelle. When I received the memo that she would be an ambassador for World Humanitarian Day last year, I just about did back flips. Instead though, I just wrote about the day on

Well, this year she’s an ambassador again but she’s been upstaged but THE CUTEST little guy: Kid President! <—-He’s my new little crush. (Sorry, boyfriend.)

Event though WHD was officially last week, you can still take part. All you have to do is give your one word to share with the world. The UN is asking you to fill in this blank: “The World Needs More______”

I say, “The world needs more patience and compassion.”

What do you say?

Maybe this will inspire you… Watch video above where Beyoncé sits down with Kid President to find out what she thinks the world needs more of. Trust me, you will beam with sunshine after you watch!

Tell folks what you think the world needs more of on Twitter using: #theworldneedsmore #yourword


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