Supplies & Socials! Celebrate Black Philanthropy Month with Us! – OR Plan Your Own Event!

back-to-schoolRemember going shopping for your back to school supplies? They had to be color coordinated or maybe they had to have your favorite cartoon characters- Spider man, My Little Ponies, Back Street Boys? Whatever you got, you made sure you got the supplies that would make you look cool and hip. But what about the kids who didn’t have the same opportunity? Who took care of them? Well those are the kids we’re looking out for during Black Philanthropy Month.

Enter Supplies & Socials.

Supplies & Socials is our Black Philanthropy Month community service project in partnership with our friends Black Benefactors & The project will unfold in three parts, ensuring those of you in DC can get active in at least one area.

school-suppliesFirst, for three weeks we will collect school supply items at host sites throughout the DC area. Our sites include: Darnell’s Bar, Merlot’s Masterpiece and Baazar Spices in Union Market.

Second, we will host two happy hours where attendees will be able to socialize and donate school supplies at the same d*mn time. Next Wednesday, August 14 from 5pm – 9pm we’ll be at Vinoteca and on Wednesday, August 21 from 5:30pm – 9:30pm we’ll be at Avery’s on H- joining the guys of the Classic Society.

Decide what you will donate by checking out the Wish List of items here.

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 7.41.01 AM
Students getting items from 2012 School Supply Drive with FEW

Third, and most exciting, we’ll be volunteering for DCPS Beautification Day on August 24! All of the supplies donated through the drive will be going to Washington Metropolitan High School aka DC Met. The blessing in serving this high school is seen in the stories behind the students. Watch 180 Days: A Year Inside An American High School to learn about DC Met and why these teens need our collective support.

This may sound like a well oiled planned but it didn’t start off like this. We just wanted to have a happy hour and collect supplies. When we told Black Benefactors and what we were up to, they told us it would be #BPM2013 and our timing couldn’t be any better. Then ideas just started flowing and opportunities to partner with groups and locations kept coming our way, how could we not do this for the kids?

All we need now is your support! On your way home from work, stop by one of our collection sites and drop off a few supplies. Sign up today for a happy hour social and/or secure your spot for DCPS Beautification Day – it’s going to be amazing! Details here:

Not in DC? You can still plan an awesome #BPM2013 event in your area. Download your Black Philanthropy Month 2013 toolkit.

School Supply Flyer-v6

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