August isn’t just for final summer vacations and gearing up for school anymore. It’s a month to celebrate who we as givers and to pay homage to those who have laid the foundation for us to make a difference!

Thanks to the hearts and minds of the leaders of African Women’s Development Fund USA , BlackGivesBack.comCommunity Investment Network  and the Giving Back Project, we now have a month to sing the praises, talk about and bring awareness to the philanthropic work of our community.

As an added bonus, as stated on Giving Back Project today, Donors Choose is matching donations to classroom projects this month! In recognition of Black Philanthropy Month, contributions to classroom project (up to $50 per donor) will be matched, when you use the promo code: DREAMS.  Go here to donate and have it matched. YES, please!

Here on Friends of Ebonie you will see lots – and we mean lots – of celebrating going on- particularly for young black philanthropy. From our beloved young black philanthropy features to facts about young black philanthropy to our month long community service project with Black Benefactors and Black Gives Back! (see below)

This month is a special one. We really can’t say enough about what it means to an area of our community that so often bears the weight but rarely gets or takes credit for it.

Here’s to all of us in this community of givers, lovers and nurtures for changing the face of philanthropy!

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Check out The Grio for Tracey Webb’s (Black Gives Back) piece on Black Philanthropy Month:

Learn more about Black Philanthropy Month 2013! 

Get an early start on our Supplies & Socials!

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