What’s Next?: The Start To Making Your Next Move

by Angel McNeil, Staff Writer

What's next headlineI am a strong believer in applying things learned to as many situations as possible. Sometimes we learn something in one situation and it amazes us as how it easily fits into another area of our lives. This is the case when I recently read a book entitled “Leading a Learning Organization” by Casey Reason. I was assigned this book for grad school and the text was on successfully rebuilding schools. However, I was amazed a section that I found could be applied to young philanthropists and organizations.

There sometimes comes a point in our lives where we stop and ask the question, “what’s next?” This can happen after finishing a project or event, at the end of the fiscal year, when deciding to leave or join an organization, or sometimes it happens at the most random of moments. Whatever your crossroads is, it is important to sit back either independently or with your organization and have an honest and purpose – driven conversation about what your next move should be.

It’s here that I cue how this text I had to read for grad school can help you or your organization figure out that inevitable question: What is next?

Reason created a six step protocol for what he calls purpose – driven inquiry for organizations who are trying to figure out what to do next.
The six steps are:
1. Identifying the question and knowing why we ask it?
2. Igniting Collective Curiosity
3. Defining Strategic Action
4. Defining Accountability
5. Making the Agenda Public
6. Maintaining Engagement

Over the next few weeks I will break down each step and share how it can be translated to your cause or your organization. It can be applied towards a specific project you are trying to build, an organization you are founding, or even working towards aligning yourself with an organization or group of people who share the same philanthropic goals as you. For now, noodle on those steps… You’ll be glad you did.

Have you ever had that “what’s next” moment? What are some questions that you have to help you or your organization figure out what the next move should be?

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