The Summer Give Back

by Angel McNeil, Staff Writer

Kick back 'cause it's summertime....
Kick back ’cause it’s summertime….

It’s that time of year when everyone comes out of hibernation. There are grills going on every block, and those sundresses and linen suits come out the closet. The weather is finally breaking and your social calendar is filling up with invites for vacations, barbeques, and other traditional summer activities. Not to mention the 15 Things Black People Apparently Love About The Summer. But I am here to tell you today that the summer can be also be great time get creative with your volunteering and philanthropy.

Listen up! Here are some ways that you can put a philanthropic spin on some of your favorite summertime activities.

1. Block Party for A Cause

blockpartyOne of my fondest memories growing up was that special Saturday where your street was blocked off, all your neighbors put their grills out front, and socialized with each other. You can bring back the traditional block party and unite your community for a cause. Work together with your neighbors or your friends to decide on a cause. Then either gather to raise money buy asking guests donate money to your cause. Or you can raise awareness by inviting experts on that cause to your block party to distribute information. For example, if health is a common concern for your neighborhood, ask mobile clinics to set themselves up to provide free screenings and information to those attending.

2. Road Trip for A Cause

At some point most of us will find ourselves in a car or a plane exploring a new city or new country. Why not add service to your itinerary? Chances are there are organizations that are running service events that are tailored to your passions and your skills. It might give you a perspective on what causes you care about look like outside of your comfort zone. Search for organizations in the cities where you are going to see if there are special events or short term projects you can do in between your beach visits and excursions.

3. Swim, Bike, Hike for A Cause

pool party copy(1)Many of us find ourselves spending more time outside than inside during these months. Take the opportunity to organize an event that combines your favorite outdoor activity with a cause of your choice. You can have people pledge money to have you complete a certain amount of miles. Or if you want to make it a collective effort and organize a marathon in your community for others who enjoy these activities to give back.

Check out more creative ideas for Young Black Philanthropists to Fundraise on Madame Noire! Our very own Blair Bedford wrote an article using the ideas from our twitter chat last month! Go Blair!

What are some of your favorite summer activities that you can turn into service activities?

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