5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Changing The Face of Philanthropy Summit

I’m sure you hear as much as we do, “millennials are lazy and feel entitled to everything.” While this may be true for some millennials- and according to TIME, it’s all of us- we know quite a few who this does not apply to, including you. We know that you work hard to make a difference in your community and believe in change. The Changing The Face of Philanthropy Summit honors that by giving you an outlet to think, fellowship and lead with fellow black millennial game changers like yourself.

We thought you might need a bit more convincing so here are 5 reasons you should attend the Summit June 14- 15. (In no particular order, btw.)

1. It’s in New York City.

empire-state-building-night-new-york_26741_990x742…aka, Hustle Capital of the world. You can’t be in NYC and just talk about it, you have to be about it. The city streets and fast pace of New York set the tone for the energy and commitment the Summit has to making your work in the community even better!

AND how often do you get to convene in the MTV offices and on the campus of NYU? Not to mention, who doesn’t want to spend an evening or two under the bright lights of NYC! Check out all there is to do in NYC.

2. You just might meet a boo.

black-couple-smiling-at-workI mean, we’re just saying. There’s really no better opportunity to meet someone you vibe with than at a conference. You already know you share similar interests and hey, that’s just the conversation starter. We can’t guarantee love connections with your registration but we surely support the possibility of it happening. And it’s summertime too….#score

3. There’s no other Summit like this one.

Right. You can’t opt-out of this one hoping you’ll catch a similar one hosted by XYZ, Inc. It won’t happen. Why? Because we’re the only ones out here looking out for black millennial community leadership development. Yes, there are other leadership conveningBlack-woman-interviewings. And yes, there are black philanthropy conferences. But none like this one for young, black professionals. We listened to you at both sessions of Defining Young Black Philanthropy. We know the topics selected for the Summit agenda are right up your alley. Listen. You snooze, you might really lose on this one.

4.  We want you to be great!

Seriously. That’s about all there is to that.

5. There’s an entire industry of people rooting for you.

cheering20crowdOk, so check it. You might not know this but every time we tell people in high places about you they get excited. #truestory

You see, philanthropic organizations and foundations that have the resources for the causes you care about, believe in your potential. Why? Because we’ve told them how awesome you are. The speakers, sponsor and partner support we have is evident of that. However, they need to see that you are serious about your work too. This summit is the first step. The more organizations and institutions that see young black professionals wanting to gain more knowledge about philanthropy and see them getting trained to be effective, the more opportunities you’ll have to get what you need. We promise.

So all of that said, stop procrastinating. There are only 40 slots available each day of the Summit. Once they are gone…well that’s it. Register today. (And if you’re reading this before May 27, get your 30% off discount!)

See you in June!

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