Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number: Emerge as a Young Leader In Your Office

by Angel McNeil, Staff Writer


They say that age ain’t nothing but a number. However, in some work settings it can seem that no matter how innovative your ideas are or how much knowledge you bring to the table, your age can serve as a hindrance for getting ahead. I’m sure many of us can relate as millennials in our early to mid careers. Being one of few employees under 33 can be uncomfortable sometimes: realizing you’re the only one being addressed in a certain way or tone, overlooked during decision time, being called ‘the kid’ or simply feeling like you can’t quite relate to folks in your office.

Forbes recently took this idea and shared 10 tips for how you can become a leader in your work place no matter how young you are. I read them and fell in love! I took the first five and created a slide show below. Just click on an image to start the slide show.

Check out Forbes’ slide show for all of the practical tips to see which ones you currently implement or which ones you can start doing to move you up the ladder in your office.

Share with us your thoughts on this article as well as any other tips you think should be on this list.

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