When One Door Closes, Look for the Open Window

by Angel McNeil, Staff Writer


When I was younger my grandmother used to tell me all the time “When a door closes, use your eyes to look for an open window.” I never understood what she meant until I was older and began that task of interviewing for jobs. While this phrase is applicable to all aspects of our lives, it was my journey into finding employment that I learned the lesson on what that truly meant.

I recently interviewed for a great job. After meeting with the hiring panel I was confident that they were going to offer me the job. I even went as far as envisioning the business cards they were ordering for me, the office space they minimize-job-rejectionwere preparing for me, and the wording of the email that would welcome me on board. So imagine my surprise just one week later an email popped into my inbox telling me that the team had decided to go with another candidate. To say I was disappointed and shocked would be an understatement. I was so wrapped up in making plans for this job that I failed to realize that I was potentially closing the door on other opportunities that would come my way. During that week between the interview and hearing back I neglected to continue my search. Imagine how many job opportunities I passed on in that time!?

It was during my time of re-reading that email that I understood what my grandmother meant. I needed to focus my time on looking for other opportunities. It was clear that this was not my opportunity but that didn’t mean that my opportunity wasn’t out there. I just needed to continue looking for it. The more time I spent day dreaming before I had an offer or trying to figure out why I wasn’t being hired meant that I wasn’t focused on applying or interviewing with another organization. So at the end of the day, while you are waiting, keep looking around to make sure that you are placing yourself in the path to receive your blessing.

Black-woman-interviewingI share this advice not only with recent college graduates but those of us who are at points of our careers where voluntary or involuntary job change becomes necessary. There will be times when we are convinced that a job is ours for the taking only to be rejected. That’s okay. It’s life it happens. But for every no that you hear, there will be a yes waiting with the job that you are supposed to have. You can’t dwell on that rejection because it keeps you from doing what you need to do to find the job that you are meant to have. In fact, I challenge you to delete those rejection emails to prevent you from spending time on that closed door. Use each rejection as a means of reflecting on how you are approaching each interview or even where you need to go or who you should to talk to you. The more time you spend walking away from that closed door means that much more time finding the job where your skills will best be used.

I hope this motivation is helpful for those of you who are currently looking and applying for job after job. Just remember at the end of the day you will always land where you are supposed to be!

Share some of your job search stories and how you handled not getting that job you really wanted.

One thought on “When One Door Closes, Look for the Open Window

  1. When I graduated from college I spent months searching for a job. About 5 months into the no-job runt, I spent another two months going thru phone interviews, online tests, and finally an in-person interview in which I was certain I would get the job. The company decided to go with someone with “more experience”. That moment pushed me to look for jobs outside of my comfort zone that paid less, but would get me the experience I needed. Finally, after one year of playing the “almost” minimum wage game with a college engineering degree, I am happy to say I am now in a job that I enjoy, pays well, and has excellent job security with benefits. So hang in there guys!

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