[First Philanthropy Fridays] Meet Non-Profit: My Beauty Runs Deep, Inc.


Meet My Beauty Runs Deep Inc.! This new organization is helping to instill the true qualities of beauty, poise and sophistication in young women in Chicago. By focusing on the inner rewards of beauty and self-esteem, founders Santrece Ross and Dena Williams are on a mission to make our girls shine!

Website: My Beauty Runs Deep

Location: Chicago,IL

Years in Operation: Est. since 2011

Mission of the Organization:

My Beauty Runs Deep Inc (MBRD) empowers female youth between ages 10-18  to help them develop life and social skills.

My Beauty Runs Deep, Inc. encourages girls to allow their inner beauty to shine just as brilliant as their outer beauty. MBRD is not a one-dimensional organization.  Our goal is to assist girls in broadening their outlook on defining beauty.  Through educational seminars, beauty and health fairs, social dialogue events, and community service we accomplish our goals. My Beauty Runs Deep Inc. places a specific emphasis on personal development because beauty has to be nurtured.

What has been your proudest moment within the last year?

MBRD youth at Purity
MBRD youth at Puritea

One of our most highlighted events was our “Puri-tea”(Purity) event. This was a tea (hence the tea in Puri-tea) and cupcake social for our teens. We discussed abstinence, sex, sexual transmitted diseases and had open discussions for the girls to express their thoughts. At the end of this event, our girls were educated and empowered to make decisions concerning their bodies and sex. We also gave the girls t-shirts that said “My Abstinence is HOT.”

Why was this organization started?

My Beauty Runs Deep, Inc. (MBRD) spawned from a collaborative effort put forth by Dena Williams and Santrece Ross in 2011. “We saw a need within our community to help young girls develop a healthy self-image and self-esteem. We want to prepare and empower the next generation of women,” says Santrece. My Beauty Runs Deep Inc., desires to answer the call of distress to give hope to teenage girls of whose outlook on life has been impacted by negative stereotypes. “We want to show each young lady the beauty and strength that lies within.”
Keep up with My Beauty Runs Deep on Twitter: @MBRDinc & Facebook

Here are some more great shots of MBRD and their young girls! We love this!

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