Sell Yourself! Three Easy Ways To Be Your Own Career Publicist

by Angel McNeil, Contributing Writer


Over the past few weeks we have talked about how to prepare for that career switch or how to find that next big job. Today we’ll focus on how to get ready when that phone rings or that email comes through inviting to you for an interview. When you sit in front of the hiring board for your interview it is your time to shine and market yourself as the best person for the job. Most likely, you won’t be the only one who is interviewing and you have the same qualifications as others who will be interviewing. It’s up to you to find out ways to prove yourself unique and as the best person for the job. Here are a few ideas on how you can market yourself in your next big interview.

The New Kind of Business Card The New Kind of Resume

EmilyOlsonAt networking events, job fairs, an everywhere in between, human resource executives are bombarded with business cards and standard sized resumes from people looking to fill open positions. So how can you stand out? Have you ever thought about digitizing your skills?

Online portfolios and professional websites are innovative ways to provide potential employers with highlights of your skills better than any descriptor on a resume. Included in most standard online portfolios are your professional bios, recommendations, but they also work so you can post awards, and videos or pictures of you in action. Countless employers, especially in fields such as Education, Technology, and Marketing, will ask you to present portfolios of your work when you are interviewed. Even if you are not in one of the above fields you can create a website, place all of your work on a DVD, or download material to an online portfolio service. Most of these options are either free or cost effective.

Try using Google Sites,, About.Me or as options to display your work. Think of how impressed potential employers will be once you pull up a visual representation of who you and what you can add to their organization.

Elevator Speeches

elevatorWe have encountered an elevator speech. Most likely from someone who was trying to market a product. As a potential employee, you are trying to market a very valuable project: YOU!

An elevator speech shouldn’t be longer than 90 seconds and should include anything you think that will make you stand out or how your skills are aligned with the needs of the organization. Insert your personality, make it sound sincere, and find a way to convey your passion for your industry. At the end the goal is to make you be memorable and stand out.

Be A Social Media Maven 

Social-Media-CollageEvery employer that’s smart, progressive and relevant will be on social media. And every employer looking for a few good employees will troll the internets looking. Be it through LinkedIn, Twitter or even Facebook, social media has become not only a personal outlet but also a professional marketing tool. Use these sites to your advantage; keeping in mind what you out out there should always be reflective of your professional brand. So if you’ve been ratchet tweeting, make it private and open a new account that you can use to publicize who you are professionally. Ideas to share include: pertinent industry articles, quotes, Retweets of industry leaders, updates of you enjoying some favorite things, facts and stats. What you can do on each site varies but use it to your career advantage so if an employer asks you about your social media presence you can pull up one of your upstanding accounts.

Remember you can advocate for your skills and your experiences in ways that no other person really can. You talk to yourself about your goals, your ambitions, and your desires. Why not work to communicate them to the world? Take the time to really get creative about how you can market yourself.

You were meant to stand out and you can stand out in the sea of resumes and interviews- DO IT!

What are other ways that you have stood out in an interview?

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