My Favorite Night of Fundraising! #Soiree13

by Ebonie Johnson Cooper

Girlfriend fun at the 2013 New York Cares Soiree!

When I joined the New York Cares Junior Committee five years ago, I never anticipated the leader I would grow in to. The young leadership board taught me how to turn my writing skills into a persuasive fundraising tool. It taught me to work with a team of other young NYC professionals. And mostly it taught me how to love a cause and become an advocate for its mission through dollars, time and passion.

I love New York Cares. I do. Not just because I’m a New Yorker, but because the organization eats, sleeps and breathes giving back like no other organization I know. It allows us to be the caring New Yorkers we are at the core. Volunteer once, volunteer every week, or hey, volunteer just a few times a year- no matter what you choose, your work never goes unnoticed or unappreciated with New York Cares. You know where your time and money are going and you see it in action. You gotta love that!

Crowd shot! #soiree13
Crowd shot! #soiree13

For three years I have served as the VP of the Soiree. And every year I go into planning with high expectations. When it’s time for the Junior Committee to roll up its sleeves and fundraise for New York Cares, I take it very seriously. We spend hours upon hours on calls, on emails and in meetings making sure our dedicated night of fundraising for the organization goes off without a hitch. We have sponsorship goals to meet, tickets to sell, and of course, we have to make sure our guests have FUN! Last night we did that. No, we did that! While official numbers aren’t in yet, a little birdie told me we’d already raised more than $120,000 before we even started partying last night. Can you believe it!!?!

DJ MOS, me & Gary- NY Cares ED
DJ MOS, me & Gary Bagley- NY Cares Exec. Director

This year’s Soiree was even more special because two of the three honorees are my favorite people in the universe: Adam Oestreich- President of the Junior Committee, and DJ MOS– my friend and supporter of New York Cares! These two guys are the nicest men you will ever meet. They are kind, generous and they truly embody what it means to be a New Yorker who cares. I got a little verklempt when they got up to speak. I did. *tear*

AND! AND! AND! For the third year in a row, I had my super supportive mama and friends by my side to cheer me on! Every year someone shows up but this year my girlfriends really showed up and showed out! Hey girls hey!

I’m so proud of my entire Junior Committee team! Thank you for all of your hard work! We did it team! We did it!

The 2013 Soiree has proven to be the best Soiree yet and I look forward to many more marvelous years fundraising for New York Cares!

To get active with or donate to New York Cares, visit:

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