Hey You! It’s Time for Your 1st Quarter Check In

by Shavonta Arline, Contributing Writer


Can you believe it’s March already? It seems like just last week we were to toasting it up to the New Year and now we are getting ready for Spring…time sure does fly! Yet even though it doesn’t feel like it, a lot of days have actually passed since December 31. A lot of days to forget where you put those Christmas gifts you don’t intend to use, a lot of days to lose the vision board you made, and a lot of days to get that dream team, goal list and strategy all in motion to create the life you were dreaming of having this year back in 2012. Oh you thought I forgot? Nope.

That’s right, this is your first quarter check -in of 2013 to see what you’ve been up to. As millennials we need a little push from time to time. After all, what kinda cyber friend would I be if all I did was write about how to be successful but never keep you accountable?! 🙂

For those who have been handling your business…

depositphotos_6309835-Beautiful-happy-black-woman-with-breakfast-cerealKudos! To begin with, you started and that’s great! Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is take the first step towards what we want. Often we can be overcome with a fear of failure, lack of resources or knowledge about what to do and as a result we decide to do nothing. Before long, we are back into our old habits, mindsets and become content with merely wishing for a better life instead of breathing life into one. So whatever you may have done during these first few months of 2013, keep on doing it! You’re closer to the finish line already.

For those who need a little push…

Let’s take a few seconds to think of what you could have done by now. Let’s see…it’s annoyed-black-woman-400x300been approximately 90 days since December, and depending on your goal you could have covered some major ground at this point. You could have lost 10 pounds to get your sexy in order for this summer. You could have put a dent in your debt or stashed a few stacks for your rainy day fund. You could have filled out your financial aid or GRE application for school. You could have called up that estranged loved one you said you wanted to patch things up. I’m sure you get the picture now…you could have done a lot! But if you’ve been little sluggish this year don’t fear, because today is a new day and a new opportunity to recommit yourself to getting serious about what you want, don’t let the sun go down without making some kind of move in the right direction.

As I finish up this piece I can still see my vision board neatly placed in the center of my living room and I can’t help but focus on the watches and clocks that are intentionally placed in the middle of it. I have found that among our most precious assets, time is one of the most freely wasted resource we have. That’s not to say that every second of our time should be spent working or micromanaged, but it is to say that time should be spent purposefully. All too often we are wishing we could have those days, weeks and years back to do over. Don’t slip up and let this year slip by. It’s almost the end of the first quarter, are you still in the game?

God Bless.

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