Think Outside The Box: 4 Ways To Explore Your Next Career Move

by Angel McNeil, Contributing Writer


We’ve all been at a point in our working lives when the time came to decide what we really want to do. However, the job search starts to seem daunting, unappealing, and a full time job in itself. You might think that the only options to finding your next 9 to 5 are career fairs, online search engines, or email list-servs. But there’s more! Over the years I have learned that there are so many other creative ways to find a job. Exploring your options is Step II in the Career Development process we talked about the last time.

Here are 4 tips to help you explore where opportunity might lie in your job search.

1. Let Your Skills Lead You

We all have marketable skills. Skills that make us stand out and drive employers to offer us a job with their organization. Our marketable skills can also help us to apply and search for jobs that will fit into our capabilities.  The first step is to figure out what your marketable skills are. Are you excellent at raising money? Can you solve a crisis better than Olivia Pope? Can you create stand out press releases in your sleep? Can you quickly list your marketable skills? If not, I suggest you take the time with a notepad or your laptop and really figure out what makes you stand out. Those skills can help you narrow down where you should even start looking

2. Think Outside the Cubicle

Jobs don’t have to require us to sit at a desk for 40 hours a week. We can get the same fulfillment in a non-traditional setting.  I knew that I loved education, helping people grow, and professional development. I took my likes and was able to find a j012312-national-black-women-valuesob consulting for schools across DC. Each day is different and not one day requires me to sit behind a desk. I was able to combine all of my skills and interests into what I consider my dream role. There are opportunities for employment in the most unlikely of places. Take the time to explore opportunities in places outside of office buildings.

3. Fit in Somewhere Else

careerpostSome people love their organizations but not necessarily the position that they are in. If you find that fits your current job state, don’t think that it means you need to offer your resignation or even be stuck in that position. Discuss with your supervisors or human resource coordinator about other openings or opportunities within your very organization. Some jobs often like to hire within and will train employees who already understand the structure and model of the organization.

4. Tap into Networks (And Not Just Your Own)

Networking is a very invaluable skill. You never know what one conversation or business card exchange can lead to. Learn to talk to people, inside and outside, of your desired field. Sometimes your friend, random acquaintance, or even a stranger can be the link between you and your desired job. There have been a number of times when a conversation or attendance at an event has led to the next big step in my career. So the next time you decide it’s time for a job change, be open to sharing your aspirations with others. You never know who can help you get to where you want to be.

Happy Job Hunting!

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