In Case You Forgot: I is for Integrity

by Shavonta Arline, Contributing Writer


One of the most popular trends on television is the reality show. Each week people are glued to their tubes watching others live their lives. I’m not quite sure where the idea came from, but it seems that a lot of people are entertained and intrigued by the day to day interactions and drama of those who are famous and living lifestyles that seem to be “out of reach” for most of us. Often though, I wonder if what you see on television is really what these people are like in their “real” real lives or just a front?

drmrA little closer to home, when we know folks are watching, we ourselves often put on a display for people that is very different from what we do behind closed doors. When people lead a double life or act differently depending on their environment or company, they may have an issue with integrity. Many of us say we “keep it real,” are transparent or live faith centered lives that line up with biblical principles yet simultaneously struggle with being consistently truthful.

In a nutshell, integrity is all about walking the walk and talking the talk whenever and wherever, your actions must line up with your beliefs. Yet many of us are too willing to bend, twist, and compromise when it suits us and what we are trying to accomplish at the moment.

Being a man or woman of integrity does not change with the seasons or circumstances and it is not based on how you feel at a particular time. Rather, it is an unwavering position and made up mind to walk the line and meet the standards that you have decided to allow to guide your life’s path.

As the week draws to an end, take some time to examine areas of your life where you may be lacking integrity. Think about what may be causing it. Do you have a faith issue and think you have to do things your own way? Are you comparing yourself to others and allowing competition to influence you? Does the idea of doing things the right way seem boring and unexciting? All of these types of reasoning can lead to straddling the fence and possibly lead to actions that create a dishonest lifestyle in which your words and actions are not lining up.

Make the decision today to live a stand-up life!

God Bless.

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