Career: Tell Me What You Want? What You Really, Really Want…

by Angel McNeil, Contributing Writer

Credit: Stock Photo
Credit: Stock Photo

What do you really want out of your 9 to 5? Seriously, what is really important to you? Would you rather have a hefty salary but an isolated work environment? Would you take a job that promised career growth but couldn’t promise you any benefits? Would you drive 2 hours each day to go to a job that make you feel fulfilled and energized each day?

When is the last time you really sat down and thought about all the important characteristics that you needed to be happy in place where you spend 40+ hours of your time?

Phases of Career Development (Nyack College)
Phases of Career Development (Nyack College)

We spend so much time analyzing the important details of every other aspect of our life, but how often do we fit thinking about what really makes us happy at our jobs into that conversation? According to the Nyack Christian College, assessing self is the first step in career development. I know that in the hustle and bustle of trying to get the job done or even keeping a job in this economy I hadn’t really reflected on what was really important to me. Then I stumbled upon a quiz from This simple 21-question quiz caused me to examine my priorities for the first time in a while. The quiz gives you options and you choose either best case or worst-case scenario. In the end it ranks 7 different areas, such as salary, work culture, work/life balance, and commute, in order of importance.

As young professionals we all set professional goals and aspirations but at times we might not always follow those goals for various factors. I know that I am guilty of accepting a job for the money but knowing it wasn’t going to fulfill anything other than my bank account. I have though worked in an environment where money was the least of the benefit but the professional education I received shaped me into the teacher I am today. As I start to make my next professional move, I plan on using what I learned from this quiz and other professional reflection to really find a job that aligns with all of my goals and needs.

Here are my results from the quiz:

1. Salary 5 points
2. Work culture 4 points
3. Career advancement 4 points
4. Benefits 3 points
5. Work/life balance 3 points
6. Personal Fulfillment 2 points
7. Commute 0 points

So I ask you, do you really know what you want out of your 9 to 5?

Take the Quiz on LearnVest and share with us below what you REALLY want out of your career?

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