[First Philanthropy Fridays] Meet Non-Profit: The Board of Professional Black Females

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When we met Chantel Skipper last year, we knew her organization was going places. We loved her energy and desire to uplift and empower her female peer group to have a lasting impact on their communities through service. The Board of Professional Black Females is helping to changes the lives of young women throughout PG County and bring together like-minded young women at the same time! Here to Chantel and The BPBF! Read all about them….

Name of Organization: The Board of Professional Black Females

Website: www.thebpbf.org

Location: Prince George’s County (Maryland)

Years in Operation: 2 years

Mission of the Organization: Our mission is to build a network of professional black women to foster a sense of empowerment amongst ourselves and to strengthen and aid in our success, as well as educate, support and prepare our youth to become successful black professionals.

Young ladies participating in HER.
Young ladies participating in H.E.R. Future

Name one programmatic highlight within the last year: 

H.E.R Future: Health, Esteem and Relationships, a summit for young ladies 12-21.  This event featured a panel of great professional women and focused on topics of interest to young ladies surrounding health, high self esteem and developing positive relationships.  Not only was this our first event for young ladies, but also the kick off of our mentor program Mentors for Success.  Our mentor program focuses on preparing young ladies with wisdom, life skills and positive role models as they travel the road to success.

Why was this organization started? 

Growing up founder, Chantel Skipper, was blessed enough to be surrounded by mentors and professional women who not only encouraged her, but provided her with opportunities that have led to her success.  She created The BPBF in an attempt to provide these same opportunities for networking and mentoring to other black women.  Her vision is that through The BPBF, women will expand their network and grow as professionals as well as give back to the community through mentoring and community service projects.

What kind of impact do you want BPBF to have in the community in 5 years?
I see The BPBF having a positive impact on the community.  Our goal is to expand our mentoring program to give young ladies the opportunity to participate in positive activities and community service while also learning the necessary life skills to prepare them for a successful future.  Studies show that communities with mentoring programs have a decrease in teenage pregnancy, illegal drug use and underage drinking, fighting and skipping school because the programs gives the youth a positive outlet and role models.  We would also like to expand our community outreach program by partnering with schools in underserved areas, regularly feeding the homeless and sponsoring other food and clothing drives.

Keep up with The BPBF:
On Twitter: @TheBPBF
On Facebook: The Board of Black Professional Females

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