Three Ways To Eat Your Slice of Humble Pie

by Shavonta Arline, Contributing Writerhumble-pie-chart

Picture it: you are young, fabulous, and talented. Whatever you touch turns to gold and everyone wants to be associated with you. This is a picture that many young educated professional black women are not just imagining but living it every day. However, often along with accolades and success comes a false sense of reality and security. We’re able to embrace it until something (or someone) comes along to bring us to our knees in humility. Though seasons of humility are often trying and uncomfortable, they can serve to assist in becoming better people. Let me break it down.

1. Things Come Into Perspective

Sometimes when things are going well, we can get a little prideful or even develop a sense of entitlement. We may also lose touch with the reality of how we got to where we are, the people who invested in us and most importantly, how quickly it can be taken away. #Hello. But through a humbling experience we are brought back down to earth. We  are forced to truly examine who we are separate from a particular relationship, person, title or position. This separation helps us establish a truer sense of self- better than who we were before.

2. Growth Occurs

We often have a tendency to take certain things and people for granted. For example…the person who cleans your office that you never thank or even speak to. That is until you are standing in line next to them waiting for the bus because you’ve lost your job and ability to pay your car note. Now you can suddenly respect them on a level you couldn’t before. Now you don’t mind cracking a smile and asking how they are. Shoot, they may be able to get YOU a cleaning job so you can get your car back! That’s a piece of humble pie that probably doesn’t taste too sweet going down. Even though this would be an experience that may cause a person to feel down on their luck, they are in fact being elevated and their ability to relate to others increases.

3. You Become Ready For What’s Next

When we have a humbling experience as a result of losing something, one thing that we can usually count on is time spent reflecting on how to rebuild whatever it is that we are trying to recover. If we use our time wisely, we will slowly assemble an arsenal of tools that will help us to be ready for our next opportunity. In terms of relationships this could mean learning how to communicate better or have a more pleasant attitude. Professionally, it could mean learning how to become less arrogant- or even learning from, rather than competing with, others who are where you want to be. Hopefully you can confidently walk through the next open door equipped to perform as well as possible- sans the haughty disposition.

Humility is somewhat of a lost virtue. Many seem to disregard it in a world that says it’s okay to abuse and trample others to get to the top. Yet, no matter how much we try to avoid humility we are often forced to it at some point or another in our lives. Our inflated egos can be a detrimental to our advancement not only as CEOs, managers and HDICs (Head Divas In Charge) but also to our advancement as human beings. But like the Bible says…pride goes before the fall. Walk humbly.

God Bless.

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