There’s A Jealous Girl In Our Town…& Nobody Likes Her.

by Shavonta Arline, Contributing Writer


Do you have someone in your crew that always seems to have something negative to say about somebodyl? They can’t tell you a specific thing that has been done to them, they can’t recall a single off-handed comment made to them by that person…they just don’t seem to like them. While no doubt, there are plenty of legitimate instances where it’s reasonable to dislike someone, there are far too many instances where the shade being thrown around is tinted with a hint of green.

That’s right…jealousy.

Truest statement ever!
Truest statement ever!

Sometimes jealousy comes across blatant and unmistakable. Other times jealousy is a little more hidden and obscure… so much so that you may not even recognize it when you hear it. Below are a few green-eyed women that you may run into from time to time. Read on to find out how to spot a Jealous Jennie when you see her as well as how to put a halt to their hating!

Critical Christine

What she sounds like: “Yeah, her book was good, but I just had to log off social media womantoday from all the people sweating her…I mean it wasn’t THAT good. I’ve worked on similar projects that were much better quality.
What she means: I can’t stand how everyone celebrates this chick’s work when I work my tail off and no one ever even seems to notice me!
What you can say to her: “Stay in your lane! What’s for you is for you and only you…no competition needed. Instead of being so upset about this other writer’s accolades, try to perhaps study their work to see what may be aiding in their success. Or maybe even ask for their advice to help you become better…not bitter!”

Miserable Mandy

slide-440What she sounds like: “Oh I heard Lisa found out her boyfriend cheated on her. I bet she will take him off that pedestal now!”
What she means: “This heifer has a relationship with a great guy and I can’t even get a date! So since I’m miserable, I want everyone else to be too!”
What you can say to her: If you think God is going to bless you with a mate with that attitude, guess again! You know getting your feelings hurt is never fun, instead of laughing at her heartbreak, invite her out to lunch to cheer her up…heck you may bump into an Idris Elba lookalike of your own when you’re out.”

Insecure Iris

What she sounds like: “Yeah, I know she got that promotion but I was jealouswhere she is five years ago. As a matter of fact, I remember when she could barely talk in front of people and I had to coach her. I mean it’s not really that big of a deal, anybody could get that position.”
What she means: “I was secure in my role when I was leaps and bounds ahead of her but now that she is doing well, I feel threatened she might take my job.”
What you can say to her: “It was really nice of you to take her under your wing like that when she was developing in her career. If you really enjoy that maybe you could become a speaking coach or mentor, and while you’re at it, send your homegirl a nice card to show her how proud you are!”

Let’s face it, jealousy is a very human and common emotion to have sometimes. Truth be told, a pinch of jealousy can sometimes be motivating in terms of helping us reach our own goals. However, when jealousy goes unchecked, it can get downright ugly (I know y’all have seen Snapped!) and that’s never a good thing. Instead of being jealous, try being a little more patient, grateful and happy for those who are riding a high wave, even if you currently aren’t.

God bless.

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