Contentment Is All You Need

by Shavonta Arline, Contributing Writer

This is such a pretty picture of blogger Natural Chica. She looks content. :-)
This is such a pretty picture of blogger Natural Chica. She looks content. 🙂 (source)

Turn on the radio, television or computer for any length of time and you will no doubt come across an advertisement aimed at telling you to go out and buy something; a car, a house, some high end designer clothes you can’t afford on your salary. Every day we are fed the lie that we need something more than what we have, and that somehow if we just had whatever that thing is, we’d be so much happier. If it’s not a material object you need, it’s a life circumstance that needs to be happening for you. Are you single?? Boy are you are really missing out! Maybe you should call everyone you know and ask them to set you up on a blind date because everyone knows that life isn’t worth living if you don’t have someone attached to your hip, right? o_O

When we are in a constant state of discontent, we tend to rush through life trying to make things happen…

You may chuckle a little at the sarcasm being used here, but in a real way, we all struggle with being happy with where we are and what we have from time to time.

One of the biggest misconceptions about being content is that it means you are lazy, woman-drinking-tea-in-pajamascomplacent, or unmotivated to improve your station in life. That simply is not true. On the contrary, contentment allows you to exhibit satisfaction with and, check this out, GRATEFULNESS for what God has blessed you with right now. When we are in a constant state of discontent, we tend to rush through life trying to make things happen. We are not happy with anything because we always feel like something is missing. The crazy thing is, even if we get that ‘something,’ we are on to wanting something else before the other something has even lost it’s “fresh out the box” smell. Look.

Daily God blesses us with so much to be thankful for. If you are reading this devotional that means you have the ability to see, not everyone is able. If you’re looking at this at work, that means you’re employed, not everyone has a job. If you’re looking at this in the line at McDonald’s that means you’re not hungry today while someone else hasn’t eaten in days…and if you have the presence of mind to complain about what you don’t have, that means your mental faculties are intact, and trust me, not everyone is in their right mind!

Change and ContentmentThe Word of God tells us that we came into this world with nothing and we can’t take anything out of this world with us. (Cliff Huxtable also told Theo he brought him into this world and he’d take him out. Lol.) However, many of us make it our life’s work to build up wealth and material possessions only to lose them when we die. We think life is all about making ourselves happy. While people are starving, homeless, and disease ravaged only a few blocks away, all we can seem to say when we go to God is “gimme gimme gimme,” without ever truly expressing and living a life that reflects our gratitude every day. This is not to say that He doesn’t find joy in blessing us with things we want. Time and time again scripture reminds us of His delight in us and giving us the desires of our hearts. But sometimes we just need to stop and say “Thank You.”

Today take some time to examine ways in which you are displaying discontent in your life and ask God to assist you in having a more grateful spirit. Pray that you will learn to embrace the season you are in without rushing, but rather savoring each moment, lesson and growing morsel of it. The reality of life is that any moment could be your last, don’t spend it whining when you could be living!

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