Like Oprah Says: Live Your Best Life!

by Blair Bedford, Friends of Ebonie Exec. Assistant


Well, the New Year is here! As New Year’s resolutions begin to derive (or settle in, depending on where you are in planning), we must continue to inspire ourselves from the inside out. Whether the resolution is to lose a few extra pounds or to give more to our favorite charitable causes, all New Year’s resolutions begin with two things: determination and inspiration.

If you are looking for a more effective way to carry out your goals in 2013, all you have to do is remain inspired by the outcome! Here are a few tips I recommend to stay inspired and determined in 2013:

Keep It Fresh

From your diet to your daily routine, changes in your lifestyle can be helpful in  keeping your motivation on 100. Try changing your morning meal every so often to something you actually enjoy- like a bagel with cream cheese instead of toast. Or maybe try a new route to work- I hear the eye candy on the Metro can be inspiring all by itself. Whatever you do, keeping things fresh will open you up to new experiences.

Declare to yourself that you are beautiful, intelligent, powerful and generous!

Make Simple Affirmations

To keep yourself sane while juggling work, school and a family life, try making afriaqoute66affirmations—positive and truthful declarations—that can be used as motivating tools every day. Declare to yourself that you are beautiful, intelligent, powerful and generous! Write your declarations on sticky notes and put them in places you have to see daily: your bathroom mirror, the fridge, the tv, and or the back of your door. Your place may look like that scene from The Color Purple but this can be just the inspiration you need to keep YOU in control of your year; regardless of other outside factors.

Use Weapons of the Mind

68187381827634371jfuFwhSncWhen you get the chance to relax or savor that small moment in between all of the chaos, try reading a book, read an inspirational quote, or watch inspirational media to keep yourself focused and goal-oriented. For some, it could be the Bible; for others it could be that extra hour of sleep to give your mind a rest. The mind is a powerful weapon but you will never know how strong it is until you use it. What better way to exercise your mind than to use it to better yourself in the 2013?

Inspire Someone Else

Being a mentor to someone can be just as eye-opening and inspiring as being a mentee. Although there are many community service programs that offer the opportunity to become a mentor, take the personal time out to find a mentee on your own. Inspire a younger person who can use a positive voice in their ear. Being your own motivator is the best training to motivating others.

Happy 2013 everyone! The best is yet to come!

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