Got Resolutions? Three Things You Must Include to Have Effective Goals in 2013

by Shavonta Arline, Contributing Writer


The countdown is on: just a few more days until 2013! It’s such an exciting time of the year as we begin to think about all the new things that the new year will hold for us. While many of us are excited about what we want to do next year, we may not know exactly what we need to so that we can actually get to do all of those wonderful things! While you’re setting all of your awesome goals, don’t forget these essential elements to effective planning!

Careful Consideration

Whatever you’d like to improve or begin next year will take careful consideration. OurBlack-woman-thinking lives are multidimensional. We have careers, health, finances, relationships and spirituality to consider when we truly want to engage in “life” goal setting. To plan for the best success, don’t try to quickly come up with a half-thought list of resolutions. Instead, give yourself time to adequately assess the progress and failures you experienced in 2012 so that you can accurately zone in on what need to be your focus in  2013.

Be Savvy w/ Your Strategy

So you know you want to start a business, lose thirty-five pounds and stash three months savings away next year….great! Those are all admirable goals, but exactly how will you go about accomplishing those things? In order for a goal to truly be attainable it must come with a “road map” of sorts to keep you on track as you pursue it. Your strategy should include what it will take to get started, who you may need to call for assistance and perhaps a few alternate B,C, and D considerations just in case things don’t go according to your first outline. Don’t leave your success to luck and chance, be proactive and intentional about devising a workable strategy you can stick to.

Have Your Dream Team 

Now THIS is a Dream Team!
Now THIS is a Dream Team!

In my brief 28 years on this earth I have learned a few things about success. The most important is: you can’t get to it alone. You WILL need other folks along the way. We are usually hesitant to seek help because we are too proud or unaware of who to reach out to. This year when you make your goals also take the time to think about who you want on your all-star ‘team’ of advisors (I call mine my #1’s).  Some folks you may consider tapping into are: (1) A Career Mentor- Those with experience and expertise in the area you are trying to excel in so you can learn from their habits and mentalities, (2) A Life Coach- Someone who can dish out a little tough love when you want to whine and sulk throughout the year, (3) A Prayer Partner- Someone who will be able to pray with you and influence you spiritually when your faith is stretched, and (4) An Encourager- Someone who fills up your love tank when you’re running on “E”. You may have different members of your “cabinet” depending on the area of the goal but don’t think you can be great alone, no man is an island and no goal is accomplished without individuals who believe in us.

I just love the New Year because it’s just that….NEW! No matter what you did or didn’t do in the last twelve months, January 1st marks the opportunity to continue on your path to greatness or change your way of thinking so you can change your way of living.

So! What you are YOU going to do in 2013?

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