Staying Focused on Your Focus

by S. Arline

New is fun and exciting. Most of us revel in the promise and potential of new things. It is at this time that we are often overflowing with energy, commitment, and are willing to do “whatever it takes” to see our new thing grow and prosper.

But occasionally as time passes, what was once new becomes routine, boring, or even difficult as obstacles appear. As a result, we may begin to lose sight of why we wanted it in the first place, or worse, why we should continue with it. The satisfaction of a new job can fade as soon as we realize that its obligations are interfering with our social life or academic endeavors, and the excitement of a new relationship may lessen after we truly see the work, sacrifice and patience needed to maintain it.

Many of us work tirelessly to improve the lives of others. Day in and day out we are giving our all to touch just one person or brighten just one smile. Our drive comes from an inner passion to see our efforts facilitate change. Yet once we realize what we’re up against, we may be tempted to prematurely throw in the towel on the very thing we truly desire. If you have found yourself in this situation, take note of a few things you can do to refocus and revitalize your dreams.


Many of us believe that our passions and causes come from a place of Divine inspiration. Indeed, God does give us desires to do great things. However, in the midst of seeing those desires come to fruition, we need to be constantly connected to our Ultimate power source to get the job done. Prayer is a place of communion, and facilitates and environment to hear from God. Be sure that you are spending distraction-free time in prayer seeking guidance and discernment to stay focused.

Revisit Your Vision

Every now and then our eyes get a little weary as we are trying to discern the best path to take towards our goal. In times like this it’s a good idea to revisit the plan that you made for yourself when you first began your project. Look back over those things that once lit a fire in your heart and remember why you are doing what you do.

Take a Break

Work, work, work: that’s the motto for many millennials who are trying to change the world. There is no question that without work things will never get done, however, constantly working with no break to reflect, relax and reevaluate will not make you more effective, but it will probably make you more irritated, frustrated and overwhelmed. You’d be surprised what a trip to the nail salon, gym or couch to lounge and watch TV can do for your state of mind. Remember, you can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself first.

Be realistic

Some of us not only want to do great things, we want to do them five years ago! However, that’s not how things work in reality. One of the reasons our passion seems to fizzle so fast is because deep down we are not being patient and practical in terms of our rate of progress. This often happens when we begin to compare ourselves with what others are doing and their perceived degree of success and happiness. You could jump ship now if you want to, but what happens next? Goals take time to grow and blossom and when you are content to take your time and let things happen when they are supposed to you can stay focused a lot better than you can when you are rushing.

I like new just like the next person, but I also understand that after some time, that “fresh outta the box” smell will fade into familiarity. On your path to purpose you may become weary, flustered, angry, and unmotivated and that just means you’re human. What it doesn’t mean, however, is that you need to give up. Take a step away, pray, relax, gain perspective, but come back to what you love. Stay focused on your focus.

God Bless.

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