4 Reasons Why You Should Join Us In Harlem Next Thursday!

We talk a lot about giving. We celebrate the work of charities and individuals as ways to motivate and inspire you in the work you do. But the truth is, only you can define what being a philanthropist means to you. The world is changing and so is philanthropy. In order to answer the needs of our communities, we have to discuss what we are doing so we can be resources for one another.

That said, if you are in NYC next Thursday, celebrate National Philanthropy Day with us at Defining Young Philanthropy! Need more convincing? We thought you might. Here are four more reasons to join us:

1. Non-profit organizations & the world of philanthropy need us to survive.

We live in a generation of technology and non-profits are struggling to keep up. If African American women are the #1 users of social media, then why can’t we turn that into a platform for more cause related information? Further, the non-profit staff making decisions for our communities often times do not look like us. But if we step up to the plate as board members, committee leaders and volunteers, we can provide the diverse insight, creativity and resources non-profits need and want.

2. Network with like-minded folks. 

You can go to a bar and compare your fantasy football team. You can go to happy hour and start a convo about last night’s Housewives of XYZ. But where can you find someone who enjoys volunteering and giving as much as you do? At Defining Young Philanthropy, that’s where! There will be young professionals in attendance from a variety of industries connected by their passion for giving. You might just meet a Boo too- but you didn’t hear that from us. 😉

3. You Can Start Volunteer Work That Night

This is not an event where you just have a long conversation and then leave. No. We will have five wonderful organizations there for you to meet that are looking increase their roster of volunteers, board members and donors with someone like you! Get busy!

4. It ain’t for everybody.

Borrowing from the great wordsmith, Jay-Z, “ain’t for everybody.” It’s not. You have been called to do the work you do for a reason. In whatever capacity you serve, it’s been divinely ordered for you to make a difference. Why not invest in your calling to be a stronger, more equipped changemaker?

Join us for an evening of mingling and conversation about who we are as influencers, how this impacts our communities and in what ways are we (re)defining philanthropy. Stay ’til the end to meet and greet non-profits who are looking for volunteer leaders like you!

Purchase tickets here: http://definingyoungblackphilanthropy-eorg.eventbrite.com/#

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