[Wednesday’s Jump Off] Do You Have Your One Way Ticket?


Maaaaan look. The debate last night was fierce. It was unlike any debate to date. Obama bounced back from his first blunder and Romney remained his same relentless self. We try to remain non-partisan here choosing to stress the importance of voting versus who to vote for. Nonetheless, there is a 50-50 chance who you want to win won’t come to pass. Then what will you do? Right.

Two weeks ago Jet Blue introduced: Election Protection; an innovative campaign that plays up on American’s ‘one way ticket out the country’ stance should their candidate lose. With one quick party election and a few steps to log in via Facebook, you’re all set for your chance to win a ticket out of the country if your guy loses. It’s genius.

We’re in the number, we encourage you to enroll too. Remember Donkey= Dems. Elephants= Repubs.

May the best man win. Have your bags packed just in case!

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