Things We Love: Happy Black Women Unite in NYC!

@happyblackwoman & @ebstheway

In today’s world of social media, many of us forge digital relationships with folks we don’t know in real life and probably will never meet. Unless of course, someone takes the liberty to host a tweet-up (a meet up of twitter folks), you end up at the same event and recognize an avi, you’re randomly in the grocery store and someone calls you by your handle or you’re simply a happy black woman!

Last night social media personality and popular blogger, Rosetta Thurman, aka @happyblackwoman, hosted a happy hour mixer for women in NYC. It’s always a bit awkward to meet people you think you know because you read their blog and/or daily stream of tweets. You have a bit of a preconceived idea of how this person will be. You just know they will be funny, ratchet, blissful, loopy, etc. etc. But then you meet them and you realize, they are ALL of those things and NORMAL- just like you. This is exactly what happened last night when I met Rosetta and a handful of other happy black women tweeters and bloggers.

Rosetta usually hosts Happy Black Woman Happy Hours in DC but following her month long trip to Europe, she decided to take her happiness on the road; including Atlanta, Charlotte and where else? New York City! It was wonderful to meet other happy black women. We often assume we’re not as happy towards one another as we actually are. Last night we talked about our hair, laughed about men, discovered how much we actually enjoy yoga and running, and even shared plans to travel abroad- just like Rosetta.

I won’t keep you reading any longer on this Friday but take a look at a few pics I shot at the Happy Black Woman Happy Hour- NYC. Yay! Stay happy black women! ….and thank you Rosetta for being who you are and doing the happy work you do!

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