[Wednesday’s Jump Off] It’s OKAY To Change Your Mind

Funny, I was thinking about just posting a quote or a picture…then I came across the above image on Happy Black Woman. I’ve been a fan of Rosetta for a minute but just not an avid reader of the site. I know. I need to do better. Nonetheless, my friend Frantzie sent details about HBW’s NYC tour stop and I started poking around. Didn’t take long for my grace signpost to pop up. It simply said, It’s Okay to Change Your Mind.

I’m currently in a season of transition, seeking clarity on a few things. As I seek and wait and ponder and think, I’m thinking of changing my mind about something I decided to do not long ago. I do a lot of ‘mind changing’. I do it partly because I’m a ‘what if-er’. Partly because I move quickly thinking if I don’t take the chance, I’ll miss out. This has been my way. With the good and the bad, I make my choices and live with the consequences- and benefits. Yet no matter what I do, I find myself feeling guilty. Guilty that I’m ‘doing it again’, that I’m somehow letting someone down, that even though I’m making the choice with the best information I have, somehow I’m doing something wrong. This IS my life, right?

I know my friends have my best interest at heart but sometimes, I don’t need to hear the why, what or whens, I just want to hear, “It’s Okay.” This time I don’t know what I’ll decide, but no matter what I do, it will be MY decision and it will be okay to change my mind.

Thanks Rosetta.

One thought on “[Wednesday’s Jump Off] It’s OKAY To Change Your Mind

  1. Changing your mind is OK the greatest change is for HAPPINESS and CONTENTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!In the end just aim for your HAPPINESS and sometimes that means change CONSTANTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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