[Wednesday’s Jump Off] Things We Love: A Ph.D. In Philanthropy?!

They look like they want to learn how to save the world, right?!

“The School of Philanthropy will help them [students] become the next generation of philanthropy and nonprofit professionals and scholars, equipping them to fulfill their dreams of changing the world.”- Eugene R. Tempel, Ph.D. on the new School of Philanthropy coming soon to University of Indiana.

You already know we LOVE this, right?! A school that not only teaches the importance of giving but HOW to give AND make it a career..ohhhh yeah! We just might head out to the midwest for yet another degree! A Ph.D in Philanthropy? Yes, please!

“The new School of Philanthropy and the additional talented faculty and students it will attract will significantly expand the scope and impact of the Center on Philanthropy’s research and training in best practices. The result will be well-informed and equipped nonprofit professionals, donors and volunteers who are prepared to maximize the effectiveness of their organization’s mission and shape the future of philanthropy.”- Center on Philanthropy Executive Director Patrick M. Rooney, Ph.D.

Well, alright! Let’s Go!

Full Story on Huff Post Impact: Millennial Impact

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