[Guest Post] Going Into Battle…

Today’s guest post comes from a blogger who was inspired by another one of our guest bloggers. We love to hear stories like Aremna Dickson’s. It’s one of faith, determination and struggle without failure. We hope her story inspires you just as Leah Jake’s inspired her!


Going Into Battle
by Armena Dickson
(A version of this post originally appeared on Beyond The Universe on July 25, 2012)

There is a war going on in the world today. I’m not talking about the war we hear about in the middle east. I’m taking about the silent war we don’t hear enough about. This is the war that is waging with a fight for a better future for our children. My dream to become a solider in the army to fight for our children began six years ago. And my weapon? Love.

Six years ago I mapped out my battle plan aka my journey to win the war for our youth. I started with how I would get the word out to the communities I needed to worth with. Then I though of ways to become hands on with the young people who felt like their voice was nonexistent. After mapping out my plan, the next step was acting on it- and might I say THE HARDEST PART. As I was working along the path I mapped, one day I realized I was putting myself in the line of fire to be criticized for something I have a passion for. Then it happened….my nervousness got the best of me. I walked away from the battlefield.

Days turned into months and months into years. I thought I lost the only thing I was living for; my will to fight. Then one day I had a dream. Not like Dr. King and not like any past dreams I’ve had before. This dream was one one that spoke volumes to my heart and soul. In that dream I noticed a familiar face, but an unfamiliar object. My late grandmother was holding an object that could not only save my soul but my faith also. When you have been in the dark for so long you tend to cling to what you know best. Yet you find yourself amongst the light and you have to choice to walk into it. My grandmother was holding my light- my light to make dreams come true. With this light also came the push I needed to return to the plan I had for my kids. That road has led me to: Beyond the Universe.

Beyond the Universe is a campaign to ensure that not only will our kids have a positive future, but also equip them with the tools they need to conquer their dreams and passions. A tool within the campaign that will help our youth succeed is: Dreams Are Worth It. And it’s exactly what it says: dreams are worth it. “Dreams Are Worth it” is geared towards children who do not have the means to get their dreams heard- or societal means to help them reach their passion. We live in a world where nothing less of what society expects of you is what you shall become. We are spending more on the odds against our children instead of for our children. I refuse to wait on the day that it will be too late to make a difference in this world. I will take my stand now and forever fight for it. This world needs more than mediocrity it needs warriors of light, those that will refuse to see no hope in the eyes of children.

Its takes a village to raise a child. So why stop at that one child. Lets take back our children and mold them into the great leaders they can be. Without them this world is non-existent, so invest in their future and aspire them to inspire.

Armena Dickson is a student at Lamar University in Port Arthur, Texas and the founder of On Time Organization. Follow Armena at @SoAppalledMena

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