[Wednesday’s Jump Off] Michelle Obama. A Woman Beyond Compare.

Source: AP

If you live under a rock, or were locked out of your apartment like me, there is no way you could have missed First Lady Michelle Obama’s riveting speech last night. But thanks to the internets there’s no excuse not to see it! ….And let me tell you. WOW! *wipes tears*

See, Mrs. Michelle Obama is the epitome of a woman. She is a woman of class. A woman of faith. A woman of distinction. She is a woman who when she speaks, we ALL listen. She is simply a woman beyond compare.

For many American women, especially black women (and little girls), Mrs. Obama represents the highest echelon of womanhood. She is my mother. My aunts. My best girlfriends. She is me- and all that I want to be. And at the core, Mrs. Obama is a real, real, real black girl and we all recognize (and respect) that. Mrs. Obama represents what a woman should be- at all times. (I’m sure even the most ratchet among us admire Mrs. O. There is hope. Lol)

Mrs. Obama stands with conviction at the side of her husband believing in him when many people doubt him. She reminds us of his integrity, his heart and the faithfulness that he leads his life with. She reminds us that he is the only candidate we can relate to because he’s lived our lives, not just read about it. Both she and the President had hard-working families just like ours. She reminds us how “young, in love and in debt” she and President Obama were when they met; and now how much more she’s in love with him. At the end of the day though, Mrs. Obama makes is clear, she is still Mom-in-Chief! 🙂 Their story is not full of reality tv fluff or candy coated dreams, their story is real. It’s what makes them human.

Every now and again as we go day-to-day in the hustle of our worlds, it’s comforting to know there is a woman standing next to the most powerful leader in the world who understands us, who gets us and who really is all of us!

A million dougies, cartwheels and wobbles to Mrs. Obama! She will always be MY First Lady!

One thought on “[Wednesday’s Jump Off] Michelle Obama. A Woman Beyond Compare.

  1. Watching her speak was such an inspiration to say the least. It not only made me feel invincible as a woman, it also made me think how can I help my husband, my Barry, accomplish more. I think as a black woman, helping uplift others is what it’s all about and she embodies that in every way.

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