[Wednesday’s Jump Off] Virgin America’s Mile High Club

2012 Presidential Candidate Impersonators on Virgin America flight (Source)

There you are flying to Vegas, chilling on a Virgin America flight. Awesome. Then your seat tv reminds you about November 6th election….Are you registered? Yes? No? Maybe so? No fear. With Virgin America you can register to vote. Yes, right from your seat.

Virgin America has partnered with Rock The Vote to get us millennial folk registered to vote! This partnership recognizes a significant segment of Virgin America’s demographic and the need for voter registration. According to the article in Huff Post Impact, “There are 46 million voters under the age of 30. That’s one in every four voters in this entire country, that’s a ton of power if we use it. Young people understand that we can change the world, we just have to do something with that power we have.”

With all the voting disparages and issues with registering young people to vote (note: 12, 000 kids turn 18 every day) why not bring voter registration to the people who are needed most in this upcoming election?

So on your next trip to Vegas, LA or hey, even Miami, before your state’s deadline, register yourself to vote! Welcome to the mile high club- of sorts. 😉

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