[Wednesday’s Jump Off] World Humanitarian Day with Beyonce!

What are you doing on Sunday? Church? Brunch? Taking it easy? Great. Before, during or after make sure you take a moment to do something for someone else. I know you already do good things for other people. What makes Sunday so special? Wellll, it’s World Humanitarian Day with Beyonce, The UN and other Humanitarian Organizations! YES, BEYONCHE!!!

Through our collective voices on social media August 19th will be remembered as the day we all came together for good! All you have to do now is ADD YOUR VOICE. At noon on Sunday everyone who has signed up for the campaign will be heard in once voice across the world- via the internets with tweets and facebook messages. We signed up and can’t wait to be heard! Did we mention there’s a special Beyonce concert happening too! *faint*

No act of kindness is too small for this special day. You can help an elderly person cross the street. Carry someone groceries to their car. Smile and say hello to someone you don’t know.(*ahem* NYC) Actually give the homeless person you’ve been avoiding for months 5 seconds of your time with a smile- and or a dollar too! The day is about recognizing how human we all are and being kind.

Join us, Beyonce, The UN and others with: 1 Day. 1 Message. 1 Billion People Taking Action For Each Other. ADD YOUR VOICE NOW and visit: WHD-IWASHERE.ORG


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