We Are More Than Our Hair; Including Gabby

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Last week when the majority of us were cheering on Gabby Douglas, there was a peanut gallery going on and on about her hair. Tweet after tweet from randoms questioned the “tameness” of little Gabby’s mane. As a child dancer, I know l too well what a day in dance class will do to the head. But should it have mattered what her hair looked like while she carried our country’s gymnastics Olympic team to gold? Of course it shouldn’t have mattered. But that is the society we live in, unfortunately.

Hair is the crown and glory of black American women. We know this. Yet, the behavior expressed amongst our own people is evidence we have a lot of work to do internally. Part of this work starts with mentoring our own young women. To instill in them it’s not what on top of their heads but what’s on the inside. To remind them that while beauty is important, it’s only skin deep. To teach our young women that in order to become close the next Gabrielle Douglas, the least of your concerns will be your hair.

Source- Getty Images

To begin to raise up the next generation of Gabby’s, Keke Palmer’s, and Chyna McClain’s, it starts within our own communities.

Here is a short list of organizations that instill identity, pride, self- esteem, confidence, healthy lifestyles, and creativity in a variety of ways. Look into a few and hop on the positive bandwagon. Trust, it’s the best one to be on:

Black Women For Black Girls

Black Girls Rock!

Black Girls Run

Big Brothers Big Sisters

D.R.E.A.M. Life, Inc.

Girls, Inc.

Girls Write Now

Mentoring USA

She Counts

She Will

4 thoughts on “We Are More Than Our Hair; Including Gabby

  1. It saddened me when I heard about those tweets from Black “women”, what a sorry group. Those women do not have a life neither do they cherish our young ladies.
    Gabby is the 16 year old we all want for our daughters, sister, nieces, girl next door, or just the girl we can be soooooooo proud of!!! Positive black women have a responsibility to mentor a young girl and I hope we all do what we have been charged to do. It is said “to whom is given much is required” please let us do what we have been charged to do. Gabby you are not your hair but rather your jumps, tumbles and balance beam perfections oh and let us not forget the GOLD and soon to be multimillionaire!!!!

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