#ThankYou: Alive On Purpose

We are super excited about today’s featured organization! The name alone reminds us that we are here for a reason, a purpose. Alive On Purpose is an organization founded for a reason. They caught our attention, let them keep yours…

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Years in Operation: 1 year

Website: www.iamaliveonpurpose.com

Mission of the Organization: Alive On Purpose is dedicated to bringing awareness to  the world through suicide prevention and purpose discovery. Our enhanced self-development programs, powerful social media campaigns, and dynamic outreach programs enhance life in our communities and the very people we encounter daily. You will find the empowerment you need to live each day alive with full potential, passion and possibility.

We at Alive on Purpose believe that when a person understands fully why they live (purpose) they will refuse to fall victim to life’s circumstances.With all of our efforts we aim to equip people everywhere to discover purpose, increase their potential, and live in today’s society fully activated and engaged in their lives.

Name one programatic highlight within the last year: Our “I Am Here” Campaign began June 2012 – “I Am Here” Living//Existing//Breathing. The goal of this campaign is for people to announce and make a declaration to the world that against all odds they are HERE!

Why was this organization started? This organization was started to help reconnect people back to themselves and the passions that lie within. We have found that often times circumstances have disconnected people from living their lives intentionally. It is in intentional living that people are able to fight for their lives – it is through trials and tribulations that we at Alive On Purpose have found our reason for living.

One thought on “#ThankYou: Alive On Purpose

  1. This is really a great organization. I am so glad it was featured today. I will use it in my line of work with young females. Thank you!!!!1

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