#ThankYou: Capital Cause

Today, we’re thanking an organization we’ve been proud to partner with and our own Ebonie is a member. Capital Cause is awesome and we are glad to say thank you to them for all the work they do!

Location: Washington, DC

Years in operation: 2.5 Years

Website: www.capitalcause.com

Mission of the Organization:  To engage young philanthropists in giving back their money (capital) and time (cause) to under-served communities.

Name one programatic highlight within the last year:  The launch of our Giving Circles Projects has been a 2012 highlight for Capital Cause.  Our Giving Circles Projects connects the professional skills and talent of our members to nonprofits in need of specialized assistance.  During our first quarter, 21 Capital Cause Young Philanthropists donated $20,000 worth of skills and services to benefit three nonprofits.  Their investment of time is expected to yield a $2 million dollar return.

Why was this organization started?  Capital Cause was started to involve young people in the act of philanthropy and to increase the value of young philanthropists’ donations through the act of collective giving.  Capital Cause believes that no amount is too small, no contribution inconsequential, and no donation is irrelevant when it comes to giving back.  As such, we accept all donations from our members – no matter the size – and we combine them in order to reallocate them in the form of $500 and $1000 grants to nonprofits doing work in local communities.  We also encourage our members to donate time to fund public service grants to local communities.

Learn more about membership into Capital Cause: Become a Member

Below: Highlights from Capital Cause’s very successful 2012 Young Philanthropists Industry Brunch! See more here.

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