[Wednesday’s Jump Off!] Happy Birthday Malia & America!!!

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While we enjoy a free day off with cookouts, booze and fireworks (legal or not), let us not forget the importance of this day. It is the day we recognize our country’s independence but it’s also Malia Obama’s 14th birthday- 1of 2 our favorite first daughters!

We’ve watched Malia blossom up into a beautiful young lady- and oh so fab teen! Not only is she smart, pretty and oh so well-behaved, she also has the fashion sense of her mother! Take a look at her most fashionable moments from Huffington Post.

It couldn’t be more perfect for her to share her birthday with America! And they say her dad isn’t patriotic. Humph!…Not to mention the level of coolness she has because she and I share a birthday month as well. #Imjustsayin #teamcancer

Join us in celebrating a day for our country but also the birthday of an amazing first daughter! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALIA!!!

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