[Wednesday’s Jump Off] The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing

Cancer Survivor’s Wife Makes Unusual Donation to Conn. Hospital (Source)

Unlike Kim Zolciak who probably used her ‘engagement ring’ from Big Papa for shoes, an Anonymous donor to a Connecticut Hospital used her ring for good.

In an envelope with a short note, the donor instructed the hospital to use her rings’ value (estimated at $3,300) for cancer patients. She signed it simply: Cancer Survivor’s Wife. That entire salutation says it all right there: Her wedding band and engagement ring no longer mattered in terms of its traditional importance. The real value is in the fight her husband fought and won- and she wanted to share that blessing. She could have given money but what could she sacrifice of value that also symbolized her love for her husband? Her rings. It meant more be able to share her blessing than to keep her rings. Her random act of kindness has prompted other donors to match her gift in dollar value to the hospital. Now that is love!!!

Would you be willing to donate your wedding ring for charity? (S/O to @Kezia for tweeting this story)

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