[Wednesday’s Jump Off] Game Recognize Game

Welcome to the first Wednesday’s Jump Off! It’s nothing fancy. Nothing to make you think. Just some feel good, what’s jumping off in the land of doing good. In essence, we’re helping you get over the hump. Enjoy! 😉 

Caine is 9 years old. He likes to play arcade games. So much so he built his own. Yes, his own. With the money he earns he’s helping to fund his college career via Caine’s Scholarship Fund. Not to mention the dollar-for dollar matching grant from the Goldhirsh Foundation. These matching dollars are raising the seed money for The Caine’s Arcade Imagination Foundation to help fund the creativity of other innovative kids. There’s something about Caine’s chutzpa that makes even the toughest rock a little verklempt. Welcome to Caine’s Arcade. Watch his story above (it’s worth all 11 min) and read the entire story on GOOD. (Shout out to @Jamaalspeaking for sharing this with us.)

2 thoughts on “[Wednesday’s Jump Off] Game Recognize Game

  1. I wish every parent would allow their child to be creative and encourage the finish product. Children are so awesome and impressionable we should all help by molding a little person! Great article.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. Even though he never had customers he still pressed on. I admire this young man very much, beause it takes a lot of courage to do what he is doing. Thanks for inspiring me Caine.

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