The Art of Le Party Crashing

We remember these guys….

It’s not often you run across an unassuming house party in the hills of a wealthy neighborhood and decide to crash it. Well not unless of course, you’re me and my awesome date last Friday night- or Tariq and Michaele Salahi.

Riding through the posh community of Rock Creek Park here in DC will make any average person slightly envious- or extremely motivated to do better. My date and I were motivated to do better- but first we had to get a glimpse into the life. So, we crashed the party. \o/ Note: This was not planned and 100% spontaneous. I do not aspire this to be my new life career.

Party crashing has nan to do with philanthropy, I know. But what it does have to do with is living life in the moment. We often get so caught up in life itself we don’t take five to just seize the wild, crazy and perfectly legal moments that life presents.

Being at the party, I saw my life 10, maybe even 5, years from now. Good people. Good times. Open bar with a hott bar tender. Passed hor d’oeuvres. Super fabulous home- complete with international artifacts that become to topic of every conversation. Mixing and mingling. (In my version, you’d have to insert a DJ though.) While the party we crashed wasn’t a philanthropic affair like mine will be, it was a celebration. And a damn good one at that!

Friday night was just a plain ol unrehearsed, genuine moment of contentment and bliss that I will hold onto for a very long time. We need those moments more and more as we live our uber busy lives. So the next time you happen upon a party that looks like it is giving life, go in and live it! It will remind you that you too can live the very life you have imagined! Remember:

1. Blend in. Don’t stand out. 
If you act like you’re supposed to be there, no one will think other wise. Note: If you want to take pictures, do it discreetly. Do not post on the internets w/ quotes like “Look we crashed the party” o_O

2. Don’t be afraid to meet the host. 
In fact, I encourage this. Be polite and thank them for having you in his/her home or at the event. If they ask how you got there, just say you were invited by mutual friends.

3. Don’t over stay your welcome. 
Roll in. Enjoy. Roll out. Do not by any means by the last people there. Leave with a wave of folks.

4. Laugh all the way home! 
You were there to have fun and you did. Hopefully you met some really good people and hey, stay in touch.

How exciting! I know. *checks off my bucket list*

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