I Think, Therefore I Am

Thoughts have power. (source: The Thought Campaign)

Phrases like “Sit your *ucking *ss down” or “I can’t *ucking stand your *ss”, were commonly heard from the mouths of black mothers to their children on the 3 train back in Brooklyn. After a while my music was up so high on my ipod I just didn’t hear it anymore- or chose not to anyway. The ability to numb myself from the sting of the words only made me feel more comfortable. It did nothing for the child who will grow up with a complex that his mother thinks less of him or perhaps doesn’t even want him. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you obviously have not seen DMX or been to a public school in the hood lately.

The idea that our thoughts determine who we become can’t be more evident than in the generation of young people today. Listen to the way they speak, the way they dress and the figures they consider role models. The majority of time our children spend during the day is where? At school. School is where negative thoughts from the outside have the opportunity to flourish. I hear the stories from my mother and my friends who work in the educational system…and I hate to say it but the state of affairs for the next generation, generally speaking, is a sad one.

But, there is always one. One person willing to take up the cross and change the future for our children. We see it in Geoffrey Canada and the Harlem Children’s Zone, mayor Cory Booker of Newark, NJ, Dr. Steve Perry in Capital Preparatory Magnet School– and even with The Doctors.

Now we will see it with Omar McGee, founder of the soon to be David Bing Academy of Finance(DBA) in Los Angeles, CA. Like many public charter schools, DBA will have a unique approach. Imagine a school where our kids actually get taught how think. How change the way they act. How to change the perceptions of themselves- and their future. The mission of DBA will be to close the financial literacy gap within the minority community-at-large through education. Set to open in August 2013, DBA is on a mission to raise $5 million to fund the operations of the school.

Wait. Don’t stop reading.

I know what you are thinking. Ebonie, you are crazy if you think I can help this school raise that kind of money. But I am telling you we can.

The school’s founder, Omar Mcgee, and campaign director, Kellie Crawford, are not just big dreamers. They too are millennials doing something extraordinary to change the lives of our children. (I promised Kellie I’d say this…they are Howard Bison too.) As such they are bringing The Thought Campaign to us- the millennial generation. They want this project to have our names on it. They want it to truly be the “People’s School.” While they have big names such as Louis Gossett, Jr. and Kevin Liles on board, like any major campaigns, lots of smaller donations make the difference. All we have to do is contribute $10- $20 each. Yes, that is all.

The thoughts that are fed to our children day after day have power. By supporting this campaign, you are supporting a mission to empower the lives of children, mind, body and spirit, through teaching them how to realize their maximum potential through the power of thought. Good thoughts. Encouraging thoughts. Motivating thoughts. Thoughts that counteract what the mother on the 3 train called her son this morning.

Pretty powerful, huh? Join The Thought Campaign starting May 1st. Follow them on twitter (#thoughtcampaign) and facebook and help to make conscious change for our kids. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.

Until next time….Do good.

9 thoughts on “I Think, Therefore I Am

    1. Thank you Danni! It is really just the work Of God. I’m happy to be able to have the talent to do this. The more people like you read, share and get us moving, the more powerful we will be! Thanks for the repost! See you in Twitterland! 🙂

  1. Excellent article as usual however this touches home and heart for me. I am sending this to some of my colleagues. Hopefully we all will contribute. Keep touching our hearts and conscience!

  2. Ah….words! Their power should never be underestimated. You said it well.
    Keep saying it-until we get it right.

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